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Gibi is a better way to find your lost pet.

It's an awful feeling to lose your best friend. We will help find your lost pet--quickly, accurately, & reliably.

Never lose your dog again.

Find your dog instantly.

Know when your dog has run away.

Alerts when you want them.

Gibi goes wherever your dog goes.

Design meets peace of mind.

Mix & match.

Gibi is a waterproof, lightweight and stylish tracking device built tough for active dogs.

Using our app, it is simple to find your pet. With a press of a button, up pops a Google map with your pet’s exact location.

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How it works

  1. Gibi attaches easily to your existing collar...

  2. If your dog goes missing...

  3. Gibi's mobile app or website pinpoints their exact location...

  4. And immediately reunites you.


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